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Vertical injection molding machine injection part failure problems and treatment methods

  • Source:Dong Duan Tai Fu Machinery Co., LTD. Update time:2016-08-13
  • (a) : can't shoot rubber:
    Processing method:
    1) : shoot tip there are foreign bodies blocked. Check whether the shoot tip is blocked. Clean or replace the shoot tip.
    2) : glue nozzle is broken. Open flange check points glue nozzle fracture. Replace the glue nozzle.
    3) : shoot glue direction valve is stuck. Check for 24 v voltage direction valve, coil resistance is 15-20 ohm, such as normal valve plug. Clean the valve or change direction valve.
    4) : shoot rubber piston rod is broken. Loosen the shoot rubber piston rod mother, check whether the piston rod fracture. Replace piston rod.
    5) : cylinder temperature is too low. They needed to check whether the actual temperature reached the material melting point temperature. Reset the cylinder temperature.
    6) : shoot rubber piston seal damage. Check whether the piston seal is bad. Replace the oil seal.
    (2) : shoot glue start loudly:
    Processing method:
    1) : shoot rubber speed start too fast. Observe shoot rubber speed starting speed changes. Adjust the flow quantity, speed.
    2) : with air in the oil. If there is a vibration observation each action.
    (3) : shoot in ending turn melt glue loudly:
    Processing method:
    1) : shoot adhesive action when converting speed too fast. Check glue ever increasing pressure. Increasing pressure, adjust the glue series, melt time delay.
    (4) : resin shot was unstable:
    Processing method:
    1) : oil cylinder oil seal wear. Observe the pressure gauge pressure to keep things. Replace the oil seal.
    2) : points glue nozzle, aprons wear. By shooting two glue checked out. Replace the rubber tip three-piece suit.
    3) the cylinder wear. With two shoot tip detection, material abrasion of Jane to check. Replace the plastic tube.
    (5) : semi-automatic without adhesive action.
    Processing method:
    1) : shoot stage into not ended. Check shoot stage or clamping stroke switch is normal. Check the line and travel switch.
    2) : disconnection. Check the wiring. Rewiring.
    3) : clamping to zero. When machine hinge straight position 0. Readjust the electronic scale to zero.
    (6) : half/full automatic working, cylinder temperature more than set value gradually.
    Processing method:
    1) : melt speed too fast. Using tachometer test the screw rotation speed is too fast. Lower melt speed.
    2) : back pressure is too large. Watch products, back pressure table value, reduce the back pressure as much as possible.
    3) : the screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel friction. Screw, material cylinder, check the wear and tear. More refueling tube or screw.
    4) : improper temperature setting. Check whether the actual temperature is too low. To reset the temperature.
    5) : plastic to avoid the excessive shear heat. Check the front, middle temperature rise. Melt speed, back pressure.
    (7) : when plastic screw ring.
    Processing method:
    1) : shaft installed improperly. Separate screw rotation check for noise, if have the plain bearing. Reassemble.
    2) : plane bearings. Separate screw check the rotational part there was a noise. The change of surface bearing.
    3) : screw bending. Remove the screw. Replace the screw.
    4) : screw with iron filings. Open the screw to check. Clean up the screw.
    5) : adjust screw alignment were examined with a dial indicator. 0.05 mm or so jumpy as normal.
    (8) : can't melt.
    Processing method:
    1) : burning bearing or the shaft blowout. Separate the screw melt and watch the voice again. Replace the bearing.
    2) : screw with iron filings. Separation of the screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel, check if there is a iron screw. Screw down the clean up.
    3) : plastic valve plug. Valve core with a hex key look to whether move. Wash the solenoid valve.
    4) : plastic damage of the motor. Separate plastic motor, melt when you don't turn. Melt motor replacement or repair.
    5) : burn hot laps. Use a multimeter to check whether normal. Replace the heating coil.
    6) : the plug loose. Check whether melt system of oil plug contact undesirable. The tight plug. And check the presence of 24 power supply.
    (9) : melt when the back pressure cannot be adjusted.
    Processing method:
    1) : bad back pressure valve. Under the increasing back pressure. Check whether the screw back. Wash the back pressure valve.
    (10) : product has black spots.
    Processing method:
    1) : the screw has a carbon deposit. Check the cleaning screw, cylinder.
    2) : cylinder carbon deposit and auxiliary machinery is not clean. Check whether there is any dust on feeder. Polishing material barrel and auxiliary machinery.
    3) : glue nozzle component corrosion. Check points glue nozzle. Replace glue nozzle component.
    4) : flange, shoot tip has a carbon deposit. Clean up the replacement.
    5) : unclean raw materials, the inspection of raw materials. Change the raw material.
    6) : high temperature melt back pressure is too large. Check paragraphs temperature. Cool the back pressure reduction.
    (11) : bad screw mixed color.
    Processing method:
    1) : material. Check the quality of toner. Change the material.
    2) : the temperature is too low. Check the actual temperature and the required temperature. Higher temperature.
    3); Back pressure is too low, check back pressure. Increase the back pressure.
    4) : mixing materials time is short. Lengthen the period of mixing materials or change into a mixing head.
    5) : speed is too low. Check the screw rotation speed. Increasing the screw rotation speed.
    (12) : no smoking adhesive action.
    Processing method:
    1) : back pressure is big. How quickly check manually melt when the nozzle spray adhesive. Reduce the back pressure.
    2) : disconnection. Rubber valve break line.
    3) : the direction valve core is not flexible. Free press with Allen key check whether the valve core activities. Clean the valve core.
    (13) : melt, motor put tail.
    Processing method:
    1) : bearings. Observing melt there is no sound. Replace the bearing.
    2) : the oblique bead bearing improper adjustment. Observe the shaft presence of oscillation. To adjust the clearance.
    3) : screw deion. Watch separate screw shaft turn about. Replace the screw.
    4) : shoot back plate copper ring wear 2 guide rod deion or fixed screw loose. Observe whether junior copper sleeve is grinded copper powder. Replace the copper sleeve.
    (14) : shoot rubber action twice
    1) : shoot tip aperture is too small, shoot glue when resistance is too big.
    2) : shoot tip bad fever circle, check the heating coil or replacement.
    3) : look for the pressure flow output.
    (15) : the screw broken reasons
    1) : move out of sync, adjust the shot synchronization + / - 0.05
    2) : shoot rubber cylinder out of sync, adjust the + / - 0.05 shoot rubber cylinder synchronization
    3) : raw materials and injection molding machine screw does not performance.
    4) : temperature wasn't up to the melting point of materials.
    5) : just wait until the temperature to turn the screw.
    6) : heating tube burning heat, check the presence of cold resistant, replace the heating tube.
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