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Vertical injection molding machine hydraulic part of the problems and processing methods

  • Source:Dong Duan Tai Fu Machinery Co., LTD. Update time:2016-08-13
  • (a) : the hydraulic oil pollution:
    1) : oil mixed with air. Pipe fittings, mainly due to the hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, etc is bad. Performance has bubbles on the fuel tank.
    2) : oil mixed with water. Can make the oil into a milky white. The main reason for the cooler leaking or humid environment.
    3) : mixed with solid impurities in oil. Is the main chip, welding slag, rust and metal powder.
    4) : oil generated in colloid substance. Main feast or erosion was the oil seal oil metamorphism, produce colloidal substances in the oil, the colloid matter often make pore clogging.
    (2) : what is the effect of temperature on the viscosity of hydraulic oil:
    Effects: (1) : when the temperature rises, the viscosity of oil. The oil viscosity changes directly affect the performance of hydraulic system and leakage. (normal temperature between 30 ~ 50 ℃)
    (3) : creep failure:
    Reasons: 1) : bad lubrication conditions. "Pause - slide - pause". Increase the amount of lubrication.
    2) : in air in the hydraulic system. Need to vent.
    3) : mechanical rigidity. Change parts wear deion, cause friction and produce crawling. Replacement parts.
    (4) : the boot production after a period of time, the oil pump.
    Methods: (1) : suction tubing quality is bad or throat code not tighten. Check whether the deion split screen. If the suction tubing stratification. Replace the tubing, mesh.
    2) : mesh isn't clean. The hydraulic oil impurity is too much. Clean strainer.
    3) the oil pump wear: check the oil pump oil distribution disc and abrasion of rotor end face. Replace the oil pump.
    (5) : after the motor starting, gauge pressure, no traffic.
    Processing method: (1) : DA board, bad maintenance DA board.
    2) : the overflow valve is stuck. Remove the relief valve inspection, cleaning the overflow valve or replace the pressure gauge to check.
    (6) : the pressure of traffic
    1) : to check oil pump motor rotation direction is normal.
    2) : check whether leak.
    3) : look for current pressure flow valve.
    4) : is there a socket head pressure valve core whether pressure, replacing or cleaning.

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