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Taiwan rich analysis of injection molding business difficulties for you

  • Source:Dong Duan Tai Fu Machinery Co., LTD. Update time:2016-08-13
  • (1) injection molding material purchase cycle is short, delivery pressure of injection molding products;
    Injection molding enterprise customer demand change and market change quickly, product update cycle shortened, delivery pressure; Because the purchase material in bulk material is given priority to, higher requirements for continuous supply ability.
    (2) single change single phenomenon, scheduling, and changes very difficult;
    Injection molding companies because of the demand of customers, often change the production plan to meet customer requirements, mainly displayed in the date change, color change, quantity change and new single recorded, etc. In practical production, by reason of production behind schedule, will change the single situation. Because the mutual influence between the single and single, so schedule and change is very difficult.
    (3) the direct decision can production capacity, scheduling directly to the machine;
    Injection molding machine pressure level can be directly decided to production capacity, the configuration of different moulds for different products, but because of the need to optimize the injection molding machine production, situation is more complex, so we need to schedule which directly determine the machine.
    (4) the BOM configuration structure is complex, management is difficult;
    Injection products BOM structure is more complex, configurable class materials more, such as color, texture, etc; Using traditional BOM management often causes confusion and error probability.
    (5) can produce more products at a time, occasionally with a mold;
    In some cases, an injection can produce more products, general points, main products and by-products, also need to set in the BOM. Occasional plug mold in the process of production.
    (6) injection product manufacturing site management complex, difficult to accurately track in the injection molding products production workshop equipment is more, a greater difference between each working procedure, on the one hand, to carry on the processing for the material, on the other hand is the recycled material crushing and controls, management is relatively complex, for production and process control are difficult.
    (7) need to be done to the mold management, more stringent requirements injection molding industry to the more commonly used equipment and mold, the more stringent regulatory requirements for equipment and mold, for the life of the mold, repair, maintenance and so on all have higher technical requirements; Part of the design and production mold, injection molding enterprises themselves for mould manufacturing management have more demand.
    (8) after injection molding processing process management;
    After the injection molding processing will typically have screen printing, pad printing, fuel injection, hot stamping, super, shrinkage, etc, are generally not the bottleneck process, but also closely related to injection molding production, also need to manage and schedule.
    (9) outsourcing processing management;
    Injection molding and finishing processes are likely to outsourcing processing, with outsourcing processing not accurate time and is expected to yield, so the management has the certain difficulty.

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