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Principle of injection molding machine

  • Source:Dong Duan Tai Fu Machinery Co., LTD. Update time:2016-08-13
  • Injection molding machine according to the way of plasticizing divided into plunger type injection molding machine and screw injection molding machine, press machine transmission mode and can be divided into hydraulic, mechanical and hydraulic, mechanical (rod), according to the operation mode is divided into automatic, semi-automatic, manual injection molding machine.
    (1) horizontal injection molding machine: this is the most common type. The clamping part and injection part center online at the same level, and the mould is opened along the horizontal direction. Its characteristic is: the fuselage short, easy to operation and maintenance; Low center of gravity, installation is relatively stable; Products out after use gravity fall automatically, easy to realize automatic operation. At present, the injection molding machine on the market use this kind of type more.
    (2) vertical injection molding machine, the clamping part and injection part in the same vertical center line, and the mould is opened along the vertical direction. As a result, it covers an area of small, easy to put insert, it's convenient to make loading and unloading of the mould, the materials from the hopper into the plasticizing more evenly. But not easy to automatically after products out, must be removed by hand, not easy to realize automatic operation. Vertical injection made for small injection molding machine, general is in 60 tons (60 tons is refer to clamping force) using more of the following injection molding machine, large and medium-sized machine should not be used. (3) the Angle of injection molding, direction and its injection mold interface in the same plane, it is especially suitable for machining center parts are not allowed to leave the gate marks the plane of the products. It covers an area smaller than horizontal injection molding machine, but fell into the mould insert is easy to tilt. This type of injection made for small machine.
    (4) the multimode disc injection molding machine: it is a kind of transfer operation special injection molding machine, characterized by a clamping device used the rotating disc structure, mould around the axis of rotation. This type of injection molding machine give full play to the plasticizing capacity of injection device, can shorten the production cycle, improve the machine's production capacity, and therefore particularly suitable for cooling to finalize the design or due to put long insert and need more auxiliary time of production of large quantities of products. But because of the large, complex mold clamping system, mould clamping force of clamping device is often small, so this kind of injection molding machine in plastic soles, etc. Products widely applied in production.
    Injection molding machine generally include injection device, clamping device, hydraulic system and electric control system and other parts.
    Injection molding is the basic requirement of plasticizing, injection and molding. Plasticizing is the precondition for the implementation and ensure the quality of molding products, to meet the requirements of molding, injection must ensure that there is enough pressure and speed. At the same time, because of the high injection pressure, correspondingly produces high pressure in the cavity

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