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Key features rich talk to you about injection molding industry

  • Source:Dong Duan Tai Fu Machinery Co., LTD. Update time:2016-08-13
  • (1) the production plan in the form of monthly plan, and is compiled by hand and laborious, engineering change is difficult to connect with design department, can't meet the demand of the market changes quickly, it is difficult to collect an executive-level purchase schedule and production schedule and changes.
    (2) the workshop production plan issued pipeline failure to straighten out, there are too many "short circuit".
    (3) cannot quickly master production plan completion, expediting response speed to customers in time.
    (4) due to the complexity of manufacturing process injection molding industry, from the first process is complete, start at the end of the procedure during which passes through the time usually takes a few days or even weeks. Many parts, distributed in multiple shop, how many quantity each working procedure has been completed, how much of unfinished, it will take much time to complete, and different levels for each working procedure in the current system, where is currently operating procedure, and so on does not obtain accurate and timely inion, cause too many wip. How to solve the wip control, it is a big problem in management.
    (5) due to the complexity of injection molding industry equipment, personnel situation, the actual production process should be taken when often cannot according to the standard process, and some products such as some of the key processes by the machine the limitation of resources, there are many kinds of processing or other special circumstances lead to the coexistence of process flow, how to scientific management, become the difficulty of production site management.
    (6) injection molding industry, process flow field management complex, chaotic management process.
    (7) outsourcing processing is not easy to manage, injection molding processing, there are a lot of special process need to outsourcing processing, large in quantity or the customer demand, also need to put some orders outsourcing processing to ease the pressure, the traditional manual operation management often can't cope with such complicated situation, caused the work difficulty increases, the village and the machining cost due to poor management.
    (8) in the process of actual production, often have a lot of uncertain factors, such as product repairing rework, scrap materials, semi-finished products, product restructuring, etc., management is very difficult to control the situation in a timely manner.
    (9) connect a single production mode is difficult to control: part of the injection molding industry users, USES a single production, often needs to be in order to determine the customer special requirements, and according to the order separate design, prepare the material and production. Manual work often cause delay in delivery, inventory and so on.
    (10) multiple BOM structure, product structure is the same material error easily confused. When handling BOM in manual work way often exist "material list update not in time", "department data inconsistency" phenomenon, prone to error and lead to the production order, affect the delivery of the goods.
    (11) injection molding industry enterprises in the face of the change of market competition, will further expand the production scale. As management requirements more and more high, the market inion and marketing management, service system, supply chain cost management, etc., gradually exposed many potential problems.

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